Director of operations / COACH


Growing up I wasn’t always sporty or physically active. Being born and raised in Ireland, sports and activity weren’t encouraged. When moving to America at 12 years old I tried some school sports but lacked the confidence, mindset and skill. My teenage years led to poor food choices and weight gain. As my twenties started, I always felt at war with my physical and mental health and decided to hone in on beginning my fitness journey.

I started with basic at home workout DVDs, I joined social media outlets, took educational classes, and found community with other women who could relate and had similar goals. From there I fed my interest with how the body, mind and soul are all connected which lead to a deep desire and passion to help other women and young girls. 

I know first hand what it takes to transform your lifestyle and how to get there. Fitness has personally transformed my life and who I am in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I started an all women's fitness program and little girls class here at Jet Sports Training with the hopes of making an impact, but what I didn’t realize was the immense influence this community would have on me.

I invite, teach, support, and cheer on people to feel welcomed and comfortable in a gym setting. I am so proud to have established a safe space to build positive mental and physical health.

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