The beginning for me was far from ideal, 120lb. Big football dreams but underweight, undersized, and just simply not good enough. High school introduced me to some major obstacles but also major solutions. I learned that with the results I wanted, there were no shortcuts. I began only searching for solutions through fitness. This knowledge consumed my life, hundreds of videos trying to find the key to becoming the best. Taking sports medicine to understand the recovery side of training. This was my purpose and definitely something I had passion for.

After high school I was lost in picking a career path. But regardless of what I tried and studied I always found myself relating it to training. At this point, I was a dedicated gym addict and that quickly became what I was known for. So, I made it official. Leaving my 9-5 pursuing and obtaining certifications through the National Academy of Sports Med (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Eager and ready to put my knowledge to the test I found a home called Jet Sports right here in my hometown.

Now, I bring the knowledge of everything I learned to try and instill the right mindset and work ethic in young athletes. Showing them they can change the outcome of their future for the better if they put in the work. It is my mission to better their performance mentally and physically to increase their chances of taking it to the next level.

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4221 S Santa Rita ave suite 103,tucson, az 85714