High School

Sports training program

We help high school athletes train to compete at the highest level of competition. Through developing explosive power, mental endurance, and lethal speed & agility, they’ll have the confidence to perform at their full potential. To put it simply, we build unforgettable athletes.

"The best class I have ever taken! The team is great, always challenging me and pushing me to a higher level. I don't know where I'd be without it!"
- Joan Smith

Designed to:

- Speed & Agility
- Explosiveness
-Lower Body Strength
- ​Upper Body Strength
- ​Core Conditioning
- ​Mental Endurance

Jeff Cotton

"I’ve been working out at Jet for a couple of years now, and every time we go hard! Every single session. I can honestly this is the hardest I’ve been working my whole life! And this has strengthen my confidence to know I am a top performer"

Roman Bravo Young

"I have been working out at the Jet Facility since High School and still train there in the off season. This place is special to me! This place has helped sharpen my skills and continues to help me become more explosive and stronger on that Mat! I'm forever a Jet Athlete.

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